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The Magnificent Seven

by on September 12, 2011

Well–we did it.Seven ladies showed up on Sunday for our first meet & ride in Altona.

I don’t want to harp about punctuality, but Carla & Sandra take the prize for arriving at the stroke of 7.

Cheryl looks stressed but she had a great reason for being late–she had just returned from competing in the first Cyclocross event of the season–St. Adolphe’s Mudfest.

Still, she wasn’t the last lady on the scene…that honour was reserved for Krystle, a.k.a. The Preacher’s Wife (TPW).  So we killed some time on the verandah…until TPW cruised up the driveway.

Of course, we’re going riding again–Sunday, September 18th we’ll be back on our bikes. As we ride we’ll solve the great problems of our club:

  • we need a good name–athena is just temporary–till we can agree on something
  • we need a clubhouse–do we want to finish our rides at “Grumpy’s” or is there an alternative?




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  1. Angela Loeppky permalink

    Keep me posted!

  2. Awesome! Well done fellow CycleChicks. See you at the races!

  3. This is so sweet! Great job Sandra – you rule!
    Johnny S

  4. TPW permalink

    Love the name Athena’s. I was going to suggest the Xena (as in princess worriers) But Athena’s has much more class. I like meeting at people’s homes if that works. Not that everyone would have to host especially if you have little kids going to bed. My place would always be free.


  5. Nada permalink

    Excellent start to the Blog Sandra! Although I’m not in that group photo physically, I am totally there in spirit. Have fun cycleistas!


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