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Sunday Night Report

by on September 19, 2011

We welcomed two new riders last night, resulting in a record-breaking total of 8 women who set off from our HQ:  say hello to Andrea and Lisa

Fresh from riding in the Dark Cross race–and coming second among the 11 women in her event–Cheryl, a.k.a. Cross Enthusiast Nurtured in Altona (X.E.N.A.), led us over hill and dale.

About that hill…it has come to my attention that some of us could use a technical skills clinic to help us overcome these pressing issues:

1. I hate riding up hills

2. If I manage to get up the hill, how do I keep from killing myself on the ride down?

Here’s proof that despite these issues, we all got a view from the top

We plan to ride again–yup–Sunday, Sept.25th at 7p.m. check back for details.

In other business…

My husband has volunteered to teach us how to change a bike tire.  He would offer this as a workshop before our ride next Sunday. He plans to cover the basics–what essential tools you need–as well as providing hands-on practice on your own bike. If that type of workshop is of interest to you, please leave a comment.

Thanks to everyone who has left us comments or said nice things when we meet face-to-face–its been very encouraging!

Now, take a moment to head over to the sweetest blog based in Altona, and check out Cheryl doing her thing during Dark Cross


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  1. Carla permalink

    Hmmm, kind of hard getting up and down that Altona mountain. FYI Mountain Lion is another name for cougar.

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