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SNR Report: Cross & Grumpy

by on October 3, 2011

Yesterday was our fourth time out as a club and obviously, certain key messages are getting through.

1. The punctuality thing–going well.

2. Safety gear — check out Carla’s new helmet

You can’t see it here, but she also has a cool blinky light at the back of the helmet for night riding.

I was feeling very good about myself because my husband bought me a new blinky light, and he even attached it to the back of my bike for me. Nothing says “I love you” like a useful, early birthday present, right?

Then Sandra cruised up the driveway on her beautiful new cyclocross bike–a gift from her not-so-secret admirer.

Just as we left HQ, we saw two riders approaching in the distance. As we drew closer we recognized Cindy–she was riding with a newcomer. Say “bonjour” to Stephanie

Stephanie heard about our ladies-only bike club from her boyfriend–an ABES member. Bad news: her guy referred to us as the “Babes of ABES” — not cool.  Good news: the boyfriend lent Stephanie one of his bikes so that she could come riding with us–very cool.

So we rode off to the park to get in some cyclocross training before sunset. We practiced  the dismount/remount technique I learned at Cross Lab, and Cindy led us on a ride of the Southern Cross route (can’t wait till they mow that hill).

We’re less than two weeks away from Southern Cross and the strain really got to me last night. I’m frustrated about not getting in enough training, I was not able to climb that *$#!#* hill in the park (again!), and my general lack of lung power left me feeling quite grumpy.  Sorry ladies.

Cindy offered us clubhouse hospitality, but most of us had to ride and dash–too bad because it was a perfectly mild and windless evening.

When I got back to HQ, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a visit from TPW–she was looking for us, and wondering where the clubhouse action was last night. We had a good chat and I was significantly less grumpy as she rode away.

Question: we’re heading for the Thanksgiving long weekend–are we still going to ride on Sunday?  Please leave a comment.



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  1. Sandra permalink

    I have a gathering on Monday – but I hope to be back in time for a ride.

  2. cindy permalink

    I like the idea of a Monday ride, less rushing around.

  3. Julia Thiessen permalink

    Likely not as we’re having thanksgiving events that night. I would be up for a ride on Monday. Perhaps an earlier ride on Monday to enjoy some of the daylight. Would like the tips for mounting and dismounting.

  4. I can’t make it on Sunday (hosting my family that day for Thanksgiving) but I would like to get some riding in at some point this weekend. I would be around for any special addition rides on either Friday night or Monday night if the SNR doesn’t happen.

  5. Cindy permalink

    I hope to make it, but I am unsure since I have a gathering.

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