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SAR Report: riding in sunshine

by on October 24, 2011

Beautiful day for a ride. Six of us showed up at HQ and cruised towards the N.W. side of town. What’s with the wind these days?  At least it wasn’t as gusty as last Sunday.

Minutes into the ride and I’ve already forgotten the stress of getting to bike club on time (I was tardy).

Funny, I was too sick to make it to church, but I felt great riding in the sunshine!

We paused to regroup and discussed cross bikes, mountain bikes and 29ers. Don’t worry–we’re not gear geeks, but we need to share info.

We gave the town ride a good effort, then headed to the park to re-live the glory of Southern Cross. Just a lap and a half–we tried not to race, but conditions were ideal. No one is able to ride over the railway tie on the south side of the hill. How is it that we’ve never learned to pop a wheelie?

Those of us who made it to Grumpy’s discussed an impressive variety of subjects, including: the great trails near Morden; using the Internet for health info; touring Churchill, cousins, bedazzling pumpkins; Grand Forks, Fargo and mysterious shopping mishaps; manual vs. automatic; and jobs that get in the way of your real life.

We’ll ride again soon–check back at the blog for details.


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  1. Carla permalink

    I suck! I only looked at the blog at 5:00. Next week, I will look earlier.

  2. Cheryl Koop permalink

    Right on! It was a beautiful day for a ride. Can’t wait to join you next time. The cross race was super hard but by the time I was heckling the B racers I was thinking that was fun!

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