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SAR Report: just the two of us

by on October 31, 2011

Just me and Joanne on the ride this aft. We rode into the wind to start–past the town yard then west on 14th Ave. We cruised by Millennium Drive to check out the new homes being built in that area behind the art gallery.

Joanne was on her cyclocross bike so we rode into the park to see how the Southern Cross route is holding up. I continue to obsess about riding over obstacles, so we lingered at the railroad ties and talked about technique.

Then it was out of the park and off to the Village where Joanne caught sight of her husband and boys ogling the heavy equipment parked on the Trans Canada Trail. So we hammered along the trail for a bit. We’d almost forgotten about the wind, but heading north brought it all back.  It was a grey and chilly day, but we were dressed for the wind and we had a good ride–we’re entirely optimistic about keeping this up all through the winter (check in with me after the first snow fall…and the first time the temperature drops below -10).

We earned our right to libations at the clubhouse and we stopped in for a quick one.  Julia–fresh from Grand Forks–saw our bikes outside Grumpy’s and came to join us.

We had the clubhouse pretty much all to ourselves…it was so slow the barkeep took this photo. (looks like I really did some damage to my camera on last Sunday’s ride–drat!)

Topic discussed: spooky Halloween costumes for kids, high-grading the Halloween candy bought for kids, shopping at Target, awesome American chocolate bars, getting nervous crossing the border, the new Winnipeg airport, winter vacations, the sub-prime mortgage meltdown, cross-country skiing, D.I.Y. home renos, the safety of Altona, The Truman Show, Ryan Gosling, the Harper government, mice, bowling and other irrational fears.

Questions: Carla–are you all right? You were missed!  Cheryl–how did the race go?


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  1. Cheryl Koop permalink

    Sounds like a great Sunday afternoon ride once again! I am really looking forward to joining you guys! The cross race was really fun and had so many different components to it…pumpkin barriers, a massive log to scale over, sand pit, run ups, and these other structures called whoop dee whoops maybe??? Not sure what they are called but check the ABES blog for photo’s. The costumes were lot’s of fun and even through the air was chilly a fun time was had by all. Red River Racing put on a awesome event at a super sweet venue. Hopefully I can be joined by some of you next year????

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