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The Declaration of Independence

by on November 4, 2011

We need to talk about the weather. So far–it’s been good. I want the sunny, snow-free days to continue, but they won’t.

I heard a motivational speaker talk about what it takes to reach your goals. His goal was to compete in the Olympics. He told a touching story about how his father, a former Olympic gymnast, would wake him up before dawn. His father told him that to reach the Olympics, he would have to declare his independence from a warm bed. If you are giving up your Sunday afternoon nap to join our weekly ride–your sacrifice is appreciated.

Occasionally, that speaker would get out of bed and stare at the wind/rain/snow outside his bedroom window. His father cut him no slack. Apparently, training for the Olympics means you have to declare your independence from the weather.  I know–none of us are training for London 2012–but whatever your reason for riding, your commitment may be tested by this weekend’s weather.  I will definitely need a weekly pep talk if we’re going to be riding all winter. Oh well, at least the clubhouse is warm.

Sunday, November 6th:  This week–don’t forget to “fall back” …  turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday night. Cheryl still has one more cyclocross race, but we will meet on her driveway at 3 p.m. (31 2nd Street S.E.)


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  1. Sandra permalink

    We’re in Winnipeg today, so I won’t be out for the Sunday Afternoon Ride. Hope to see you next week!
    Sandra C

  2. Thanks Sandra! It looks like we might have a sunny day after all! We’ll see how it goes…I should really be in bed right now considering my children could possible be up at 5am! Looking forward to joining you guy next week!

  3. Athena Bike Club permalink

    Cheryl–I really enjoyed your report from “Halloween at the Camp” … pumpkin barriers–whoop de whoops–and costumes too? I loved it! Good luck at Provincials.


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