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SAR Report: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

by on November 7, 2011

While Cheryl was riding in the last cyclocross race of the season–the Manitoba Provincial Championships–her cat was on duty at HQ to welcome us and take attendance.

Joanne, Cindy, Julia and I cycled towards the high school, planning to alternate between cursing the wind, and riding straight into the wind. As we rounded a corner, we caught a glimpse of a cyclist who seemed to be trying to catch up to us. We would have waited for any woman who wanted to join us, but that cyclist was no lady–it was a fellow, a gent–an ABE.

We took off–trying to shake him, but Shaun is pretty fast and he caught up to us quickly. He rode with the leaders for a few friendly minutes, then sprinted away while we continued our ride around town. A couple of homes on the SW side of town already have their Christmas trees up.

Cindy and Julia set the pace and did a fine job of picking the route. Then they headed for the NW side of town, and Joanne and I briefly considered mutiny. Of course, we were with wind heading North and, fortunately, the wind really wasn’t that bad as we turned South on Industrial Drive and headed straight to the clubhouse.

 Topics discussed: kids movies that are not too scary for little kids, trick-or-treating, hail storms, snow tires, people who talk about camping vs. people who actually go camping, the daily deal on, latex beds/novos beds/the joy of king-sized beds, portable careers/drinking beer in Senegal, on-line dating and match-making.

We were deep in conversation when Joanne noticed that the weather had turned. We dashed outside and were greeted by snowflakes gently falling on our bikes.

Sounds lovely, but it was quite a shock to brush the sleet from my saddle. Next week I’m parking closer to front door!


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  1. Cheryl Koop permalink

    Very sweet fellow riders! Sounds like a great ride once again. We were fortunate that the rain/ snow held off for the races. The course was lot’s of fun, a long sand section, running up “the wall” , lot’s of tight hair pin turns and flowing sections through the trees. I had a very fun season and look forward to cyclocross 2012 hopefully joined by more Altona riders! See you next week!

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      All hail Cheryl–the fastest female citizen racer in the province…you are a goddess! I guess I can worship you a bit more openly now–unless your cult demands I buy a citizen license for next season ;o) Seriously, I also hope there will be more female riders from Altona to join you in 2012…in addition to Anita. Looks like I misspoke when I said Provincials was the last cyclocross race of the season–I didn’t know about Farmcross. See you there!

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