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Farm Cross Report: CX is supposed to hurt

by on November 12, 2011

If you want to read some flowery compliments about Farm Cross–go to the ABES blog.  Looking for pretty pics of friends and family? Click here.  For the truth about Farm Cross–stay on this page.

Friday afternoon at the Wiebe Farm looked like a family-friendly fun time but it was, in fact, a race. Those of us who were lured into the country by a chilli-cooking Reeve, were also lulled into a false sense of slackurity by the seemingly laid back race categories:  1. kids    2. adults    As if.

Once the camaraderie of the practice ride was over, deep divisions in category 2 became evident. There wasn’t just one adult race (as advertised) no–it was                    1. racers   2.  hard-core racers

I am not complaining. It was an exceptionally cool event and the fine weather was a gift. Plus–of the 7 women taking part in the racing–six regularly attend the Sunday afternoon ride of the Athena Bike Club (permanent name still pending).  The seventh woman is my niece, Taylor, who was out for her first-ever cyclocross experience.

Even though Cindy and I both stated our desire to ride–not race, only one of us had the guts to hold back (waaay back) and not get swept up in the thrill of the chase. Okay–it was me–slow Sandra (not to be confused with the female winner of the first adult race, Sandra C.)

I am not proud to admit this, but once I saw that my niece was committed to finishing the three laps, I jumped off my bike and took a break while she charged on. That’s right–I stopped riding right in the middle of a race. No mechanical issue, no heart palpitations–I just felt kinda tired, so I took a break.

In my defense I must point out that I wasn’t feeling so great before the race started…and I’m lame (not “the mare was limping” lame–the other usage).  Taylor and Julia looked back at me–I was standing around with the spectators and they were grinding it out, pushing each other toward the finish. I even had the nerve to heckle Taylor: “your pain isn’t special” I said.  That’s when it hit me.  Cyclocross is supposed to hurt–that’s how you know you’re doing it right.

Dilbert comic strip for 08/10/2001 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive

So–I failed Farm Cross, but I learned a valuable lesson: race or don’t race–there is no “rest lap” … just a question mark where my sense of accomplishment should be.


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  1. Julia Thiessen permalink

    I thought my pain was special. I was positive Taylor wasn’t working as hard as I was ;) The leaders make it look easy

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