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Wind Chill

by on November 16, 2011

I think we’ve already established that I am not the hardiest member of this bike club. In case you missed it, I did not vote for cycling all through the winter. On my own I would not try to overcome my inner wimp–no. I would sit back on the couch, snuggle into my knitted throw and reach for something chocolatey. Then something salty…then back to the chocolate. Never mind that I just spent weeks getting off the couch and feeling better about my health. Winter is for cocooning, right? It is every Manitoban’s God-given right to gain 10lbs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Or so I thought. Fortunately, I am learning that one of the perks of being in this bike club is that the majority members are challenging my thinking.

Exhibit A – Cindy:  known to spend a lot of time baking, this member of the club has only recently kicked her addiction to FarmVille.  Now, baking and Facebook are not activities that I would call “training” but if you ride with Cindy you’ll notice that she is pretty fit (some would say pretty & fit). How else could she have come second among the women during the first adult race at Farmcross?

Which brings me to my next point–riding for an hour or so once a week will not keep me fit. I admit, my training has fallen off quite a bit since Southern Cross. Before that race I was riding about three times a week, plus doing yoga and push-ups. Now that the weather report also includes the wind chill, my enthusiasm for outdoor activity has declined. So–thanks to the club for planning to continue the Sunday afternoon ride all through the winter. You’re my main motivation for maintaining my fitness and overcoming the couch.

Join us this Sunday at 3 p.m. — check back for more details.  In the meantime, get your gear ready and mentally prepare for bicycling in winter.




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  1. Cindy permalink

    Three things…
    I have been off Farmville for years!!!
    I do like to bake.
    What’s exhibit B?

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Hey Cindy–I don’t like to bake, but I do like baked goods–we’d make a good team! Guess I should’ve thought of that before slagging you on the blog. Exhibit B could be your training secrets: is there more to your speed than just having Joanne chasing you down? ;o)

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