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SAR Report: knock down

by on November 28, 2011

Another brilliantly sunny day for cycling in Southern Manitoba. We all made adjustments to our gear and rode whatever bike seemed best for dealing with the icy roads.

Last week Cheryl’s toes were toasty inside her boots, but in the interest of science she tried “the plastic bag method.” She wore a sock then a plastic bag and put another sock over that before putting on her runners. Could work….


Cindy went with a lighter jacket, and Julia ditched her runners for

  boots.  Sandra swapped the “lobster claws” for her ski mitts and Joanne also opted for boots over running shoes. One minor mechanical adjustment was made, and then we were off. Icy roads made for some slow riding, and the fear of falling was palpable. So Cheryl suggested we find a safe place to try a “knock down.”  You won’t see anyone fall in the video — 1. we are far too polite to really take a run at each other and 2. my memory card filled up just as things were getting interesting. For those who keep score, it was Sandra C. over Cindy to win the first go-round. Julia stared down Cheryl to win Round 2 and Sandra C. over Joanne in Round 3. Here’s a flavour of the speed and tactics:

1st knock down of 2011

Back at Grumpy’s we were suitably impressed by the new ABES sign in neon (wow!). Topics discussed: riding gear, the need for more bikes, football, Trouble & Strife, Vajanuary (redux), music lessons, and body language.

Next week: we won’t have the CFL to distract us…so check the blog for updates and site improvements.



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