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SAR: wipe-out

by on December 4, 2011

Snow falling gently on the lawn at HQ. Fluffy snow on the streets that hides the icy patches. Great.  Did I mention the wind? NNE at 20 and supposed to increase–yikes!  Did we really want to go riding?  Well… 4 riders showed up, and there were some regrets about gear choices, but nothing major.

It was kinda hard to leave HQ today, we lingered on the driveway for a bit. As usual, we women were multi-tasking. Here there’s talk of dropping off the DVDs in Cindy’s hands on our spin around town. It would prove to be a fateful decision.

On our first lap, as we sped towards mid-town and the DVD drop-box, Cindy hugged the icy side of the road and paid for it. One minute she was upright–next thing we heard was a scream and a crash. We braked as gently as we could, trying to avoid running her over. She got up quickly–a bit of a sore arm, but o.k. We rode on to Ash Park for knock down practice. Results: Cindy over Cheryl in Round 1, then Cheryl dominated the next two rounds–mostly by keeping very still on her skinny tires. I also had a wipe-out while trying to take down Cheryl (it’s a knock down, Xena–not a slow race).

At the clubhouse we gazed lustfully at the ABES sign (not at all neon as previously reported, but still so gorgeous).

Cindy was feeling her sore arm a bit, but reassured us with some vigorous movement.

Topics discussed:  Tom Sawyer at Buhler Hall, productions of Handel’s Messiah, church music, people who have trouble saying “no”, faith, doubt, and certainty.

Please check out the “vote” page on this blog — you have the right to vote (once), so look at the choices and let your opinion be known, or feel free to suggest a classy, G-rated name for our club.

This just in:  No doubt you’ve noticed that Christmas Day and New Year’s both fall on Sundays so we will not ride on those high holidays. If you want to suggest alternate dates to go for a spin in late December–just leave a comment.


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