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by on December 11, 2011

Beautiful day for an alleycat race, but only three of us could make it–Julia called in sick (feel better Jules!)–and one can only imagine that the abundant sunshine lured a few ladies away from Altona.  No matter, David tweaked the race details and Cindy read us the instructions. Then we dashed off in all directions, trying to reach six

locations around town in as little time as possible. Strategy was key–speed could only take you so far in this alleycat–a good memory was as important as a fast time. Minutes were deducted for correctly answering post-race questions. Six easy questions, and six posers to test your powers of observation. Results?  Based on speed alone it was Cheryl in 1st place at 27:32 followed closely by Cindy at 29:22 and I brought up the rear at 34:49. But it pays to linger at each location because after answering the skill-testing questions Cindy was declared the winner, Sandra D. second (sweet!) and Cheryl took the bronze.

You know it’s not about winning–it’s all about getting outside. Post-race hospitality chez Cindy looked like this

David: thanks for the mammaries…and a shout-out to Shaun, James and Johnny for their support.

A few videos from the race:

Cheryl: moving fast!

Das Chase

Cindy checks in


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