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SAR Report: moo

by on December 19, 2011

I don’t know what kind of cattle they are. Cindy, Cheryl and I were givin’ er  along a mile road just West of Altona when I was stopped in my tracks by a glimpse of these gorgeous animals. Can you see the snow in the air, and feel the moisture?

It was only about -3, but the North wind was raging so Cindy led us through town and out against the wind. Cindy & Cheryl could’ve dropped me numerous times, but it’s Christmas, and there was kindness in the wind. When we passed the cattle, we were happily heading South with the wind at our backs.

Turns out that once we were past the town limits we could’ve lost Cheryl at any time. She’s from Ontario where, instead of endlessly similar mile roads, “there are landmarks” to help you navigate. Oh–and the country roads are paved, and gently rolling, and there’s never an angry wind–which all makes for spectacular riding.  Yawn.

Sure enough, as soon as we pointed out the Village to her, Miss Ontario sprinted off in search of civilization. Back in town, the streets were getting icy, but we made it to the clubhouse without incident. Topics discussed: numb fingers from handlebar vibration, Survivor: South Pacific, chicken quotas, holiday baking that looks difficult but is actually easy, and growing up on the Bruce Trail.

NOTE: No rides scheduled for the next two Sundays (Christmas Day & New Year’s Day), but that could change–not everyone has a gathering on those dates. Speak up if you’re keen on a group ride anytime in the next two weeks.  Also–please check out the VOTE page–there has been an update! There’s still time to make your opinion known before the voting ends on December 29th.


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