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Boxing Day: blow-out

by on December 27, 2011

We picked a great day for a group ride–just look at that sunrise!  The wind was cooperative–gently blowing from the South at about 11km/h. Definitely the day to head for Gretna.

Delilah, Cheryl and I left from HQ to ride the back road just West of the TransCanada trail. We met some friendly fauna, but the non-Clydesdale crowd I was cycling with dropped me just South of this farmyard. I could not blame them–the weather was just right for riding, so Cheryl and Delilah rolled on into Gretna while I poked along at my own pace.  I stopped to check out the ATV tracks in this ditch.

When I got back on my bike, something felt wrong. I looked down and was startled to see my back tire going flat. My old Norco had failed me just metres from the Oakview golf course.

I pulled my bike to the side of the road, unpacked my cell phone and called my live-in mechanic. As we were talking, I thought I could see cyclists in the distance, so I hung up and waited. Sure enough, Delilah and Cheryl had cruised back from Gretna just in time.

Cheryl was carrying her tools and a spare tube, so she and Delilah sprang into action. See the video here.

Our friendly South wind became surly and began to blow hard from the West. I was well-dressed for the weather, but being the weakest link in our bike club’s chain, I got back on the phone and asked my mechanic to come and pick me up. Cheryl ignored my weakness and soon fixed my tire. We got back on the road and had ridden about a mile when my mechanic drove up. We waved him off and he left, shaking his head. We zipped back to town, wondering where we would find breakfast. Our preference was for the great service and good eats at the Four Winds Motel so we rode to the East edge of town. We saw one vehicle on the parking lot…then another, and another. The restaurant was open–happy days!

NOTE: Cheryl wants to ride again on New Year’s Day–leave a comment if you’re available/interested.

Also–please remember to visit the VOTE page and register your opinion about a permanent name for our bike club–only two days left to vote!


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  1. I’m not sure if Jan 1st with work for me but I would be interested in something in the earlier morning of the 31st?? Are people around Saturday morning?

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