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SAR report: ups & downs

by on January 16, 2012

Yesterday was great for riding–only -2°C, and so mild that the gusty south wind was not a huge factor. Lots of activity at HQ–greeters were on hand to welcome us.

I missed last week’s ride so I had to get caught up on the current safety and winter gear.  Sandra C.’s new helmet, and her use of Nordic ski boot covers got my attention. Junior club member and future Olympian, Mia, looked like she wanted to join us.

Off to ride on the slippery streets of Altona–this is most snow we’ve had to contend with all winter.  We went up and down on a small hill near Janzen Park.  Half a lap on the track at the high school then straight to Ash Park for some zigzag runs through the trees. The snow was fun–definitely a rush to feel your back wheel sliding out from under you!

Everyone seemed content to try whatever came our way–hills, off-roading, straightaways–it was all good. We ran into Dan as he was out enjoying the afternoon on his bike–then we dashed off to the park.

Cindy was having a good time racing through ditches, and she was first onto the ice at the Buffalo Pond. Too slick–she wiped out and we went back to riding the trails, and revisiting the Southern Cross route.

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We said goodbye to Sandra and Joanne and headed for the clubhouse–the place was pretty busy for a sleepy Sunday afternoon.  Topics discussed: Wedding rings at Redd Line Jewellery, public displays of romantic affection (PDRA), starting tomato plants indoors, labour and vitamin K, husbands who make you seem old, the pain of paying full price for grocery items, Eco grass, marital division of labour or, “That’s not my department.”


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  1. Julia Thiessen permalink

    What! Did I say Vitamin K. Sorry, it is syntocin! I bet you recall that Cindy ;)

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