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SAR Report: ride, enjoy, repeat.

by on January 23, 2012

Last week’s ride was so stimulating that we pretty much took the same approach this week.

Step 1: Arrive at HQ  This step is essential, and also more difficult than it sounds. Very tricky to arrive on time when you need to choose the right layers for the wind conditions, assemble the safety gear and maybe even hook-up your bike trailer.



(No children were harmed during this drop-off–there’s smiling proof.)




Step 2: Plan as you go

Ours is a very laid-back and democratic bike club–the route for this ride was developed on the fly. Straight to Ash Park where the snow is getting deeper. On to Railway Avenue and eventually we found ourselves weaving in and out of the trees along the trail at the southwest edge of the big park. Should we climb the hill?  Some tried–icy conditions there. Left the park for the straight and less slippery conditions on the Second St./14th Ave./Industrial Drive loop. Finished up on the small hill across from Janzen Park.

Step 3: Hydrate & Contemplate  As usual, we stopped in at the clubhouse. Topics discussed: dishwasher troubles, six-year-olds who want to put you out to pasture, the non-toxic ingredients in warmers, insurance/medicare and Sarah Burke (R.I.P.), home renovation, Frost Fire ski area, aging dangerously, setting your own hours of work, the bathroom pass, Beauty & The Beast in 3D, sky lanterns, and memorable pranks.





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