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Sunday Afternoon Ride?

by on January 27, 2012

Usually, when you roll up the driveway at HQ, you expect someone will be there. This Sunday, we know that Cheryl will be attending Barn Cross. I will also be away, but I’m sure there are women who want to ride in Altona–right?  Leave a comment about your Sunday plans and help us shed some light on the SAR.



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  1. Julia Thiessen permalink

    I swung by HQ’s, but ended up riding solo. Good thing I packed my Ipod and had Arcade Fire and Belle&Sebastian to keep me company and to keep me going. I did some riding. Looks like I will have to make mechanical adjustments as my back tire continues to rub on the brake making my already poor cardiovascular status seem even more pathetic. Adds a challenge to the ride.

    Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad there were no major injuries.

    I am working this weekend, but perhaps will catch you at the clubhouse after the ride.

  2. Julia Thiessen permalink

    I’ll be around and will swing by HQ for a ride. I am working the following two Sundays, so I would like to get a ride in today.

    • Negotiating Knowlege permalink

      Hi Julia,
      did you meet up with anyone at HQ? Also–glad to hear you’re on-board for the Jack Frost Challengestart spreading the word ’cause we need two more team members…or maybe two more teams? The Challenge will be good motivation–I was in a bad car accident on Saturday–nothing broken and everyone walked away, but I need rehab and I think cycling will help me work out the kinks!

  3. TPW permalink

    Well I am no longer aloud to walk on the ice let alone bike. Two Sundays ago Dan, Charles and Johnny were cycling the creek. Of course Dan needed a different bike because he could not keep up. So as a dutiful wife I brought him his bike. (somewhere in the country) It was a stellar day with fluffy snowflakes falling.I decided to for a walk on the creek too. I could keep up with the guys at first but finally the left me in the dust. Or should I say ice flakes. I mean the snow not the guys. I kept on going being very careful when wham I fell. Luckily my head broke the fall. I have a new understanding of seeing stars. When I finally got up I had a dousy of a headache.. But I figured the best thing for a head injury was cold air so I kept on going. I started to feel woowsy so I headed for my car. When from out of know where the creek knocked me on my ass (oops a pastors wife shouldn’t say that) I mean bum. (said in a polite lovely British accent) Well this time I got my hand out behind me (maybe not such a great plan) Well I hobble to the car and did get home. I realized that things were not feeling so good. Dan was still off on his 3 hour tour. Matt hand a buddy over who fortunately could drive. He dropped me at the hospital. Well long story short or maybe by now I should say long story long. I am recovering nicely from a mild concussion and sprained wrist. So that’s it for me and ice. At least that’s what Dan, my boys, friends, parent well just about the whole world say. My trainer is inside and hopefully I will be in great shape for next year.

    Well ladies continue to enjoy your winter. Drive safe and I’ll see you in the spring. Maybe I’ll be in shape. I want to look just like Cheryl. (hmm I guess I’ll need some heels too)


    • Negotiating Knowlege permalink

      Hey Krystle–so sorry about your spills, but great to hear you’re on the mend. The indoor trainer thing sounds good. I’ll have to drop by and work out with you–I want to look like Cheryl too!

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