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The Jack Frost Challenge!

by on February 9, 2012

We’ve talked about this. Saturday is the beginning of The Jack Frost Challenge–a co-event to Actif Epica. So far, Julia, Cindy and I are teaming up to ride, walk, ski, skate or snowshoe a combined total of 130km during the week of Feb. 11-17th.

I’ve struggled with math in the past, but I’m pretty sure I’m on the hook to log over 43kms of outdoor activity next week. No sweat, but it occurs to me that we have room for two more team members.

If you’re interested in getting Actif with Team Athena, please comment by 4 p.m. on Friday, Feb.10th. In the spirit of self-preser–ahem, self-propelled winter activity, we welcome ABES to join our team (which we would re-name Team Altona).


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  1. Sandra Carr permalink

    Geez, I really should come to the blog more often! I’ve missed the deadline for the Jack Frost Challenge (brilliant Idea btw), but I will be with you in spirit!
    I won’t be riding today. We’re driving out to my Nephew’s place today to pick up some lovely grass fed beef for the freezer. Happy Riding!

    Sandra C.

  2. Anyone interested in biking to St. Jean on Sunday? The weather sounds pretty nice and I have been meaning to try out that ride. It’s about 35km and we could take the gravel/dirt roads all the way there.
    I was thinking we could meet up with our families at the local restaurant, Bistro 758 for supper after the ride.
    This could give us a big head start in the Jack frost challenge. Anyone up for it?
    Sandra, I would love to join your team if you need another member!

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Cheryl–you just made my day–merci! Team Athena is now registered for The Jack Frost Challenge–cool prizes are only 130kms away. St. Jean is a great idea–I can’t ride that far, but I’m sure you’ll get some takers. How be we have two options for Sunday? St. Jean with Sweet Cheryl, or a low-key ride around Altona with me. Please comment!

  3. Joanne permalink

    Hi Sandra
    I ride my bike to school everyday. Can that be added to your total?
    Maybe I can make it for a ride this weekend too

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Joanne–you are a goddess! Thanks for the offer–your daily commute will definitely help–you’re on the team. I’m looking forward to riding this weekend–looks like we’ll get a break in the weather by Sunday.

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