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SAR Report: challenging

by on February 12, 2012

Why are these women beaming? Look closely–the clues are all there. They are dressed for outdoor activity. The camera has been angled to capture the sign outside a well-known restaurant. Look again–isn’t that a route marker for Hwy 75?  Let’s back up a bit.  Here’s how this trip started–Cindy and Cheryl leaving HQ just after 2 p.m.

The plan was to ride to St. Jean–about 35kms N.E. of Altona. Check out the footwear–no time for cold feet.

The weather was fine and sunny–hand warmers were not needed–and the winds were almost entirely cooperative–SSW–but gusty. Still, it was a great afternoon for a ride.

Cheryl & Cindy quickly reached St. Jean, but they were feeling good and it was such a lovely day that they just kept on going: they cycled to Morris.


Cindy & Cheryl rode: 
  • 28.4 mi
  • 01:51:11
    Moving Time

A new Athena Bike Club distance record! Together, these ladies completed over 90kms towards our team’s requirement for The Jack Frost Challenge.

Yes–I hit the road here in Altona for the usual SAR.  As I rode I was inspired, knowing that Cheryl & Cindy were out there–somewhere–and I did a bit more than planned and cycled 12kms. So it was a very happy crew who met up at Bistro 758.  No one ordered poutine–maybe next weekend?




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