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Actif–not epic

by on February 26, 2012

Fantastic day to stay indoors…but we didn’t.  Well, kinda.  A few of us ventured out into the wind and snow to get active inside the MEC.  Cindy impressed us by arriving on her bike–not even breathing hard after fighting the gusty north wind. She was unrecognizable in her spiffy new cycling jacket–cut a little large to accommodate layers.

Cindy & Julia headed straight to the short court, while Connie and I walked the track. It soon become clear to me that Connie walks at a jogging pace, but I stuck with her and kept her from achieving take-off.

Pictures were taken of our indoor activity, but my camera only works outdoors. Thanks to Connie for suggesting this alternate activity–and for shaming us into doing more push-ups than usual.

Nice to hang with ladies who know their way off the couch.


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