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Spring forward

by on March 11, 2012

The staff at HQ is fantastic. Here we see ABES spokesman and Athena child care provider, Johnny S. welcoming visitors.

  Johnny had just returned from a ride, Tom was in the neighbourhood and Cindy was ready to ride.

I asked the cousins to stand together so I could check for a family resemblance.

Shortly afterwards, one of the local cycling clergymen dropped by. He was keen to chat about the upcoming Bucket List bike tour to Banff.

Lovely day for a visit, really and no one seemed to be in a rush to ride off. It’s possible we were all just a wee bit sleep-deprived.

Suddenly, the lens of my camera registered a troubling scene.

ABES all around. Time to stop talking and start riding.

So we headed south for our first lap around town in quite a while. Too bad we didn’t get to finish it.

Just east of Bunge, Cheryl had a mechanical problem so we limped over to my place to find some tools.

Unfortunately, it was more than a simple Allen wrench could solve.


Well we tried, but we just couldn’t fight Daylight Saving Time and an equipment failure. The clubhouse was calling.





Icy conditions on the patio, but no beverages were spilled…welcome Spring!


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