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SAR Report: fixie

by on April 1, 2012

Cheryl has a new fixed-gear bicycle–a fixie is what the hip kids call them. Johnny bought it for her, and she is pumped. Here, she’s showing of the features of the fixie. See how she can turn the front wheel around? Even better, she can ride with the wheel in that position. See the video for proof (listen for the howling wind, ’cause I certainly am not going to mention the wind in this blog again. Ever.)

Cheryl’s newest bike

Cindy and I also took turns trying to ride the fixie–much harder than it looks, but we   loved the whitewall tires!

  Yes–we did eventually leave HQ and enjoyed the sunshine whilst spinning around town. We left the usual lap route to hit the trail behind the MEC. I was winded (see what I did there?) by the time we got to Industrial Drive, but the ladies never left me–Sunday support– beautiful.

Cheryl wanted to try the fixie on the track at the high school, so we headed there. Cindy started to sprint and Cheryl took her on. I took the opportunity to rest, hydrate and hang out at the finish line.

When the sprinters slowed down, we started talking about youth and sport and it became clear that the ride was over and the clubhouse was calling.

Topics discussed:

The Cambridge vs. Scandals/Boogie Knights; more veggies, less cheetos/cheezies; cultivating an appreciation for simple pleasures; no guns allowed at the Mall of America; doing good things for yourself; casseroles vs. meat & potatoes;  books are usually better than the movies that get made from them; Gay Rights–the next Civil Rights movement?

Scheduling: Next weekend is Easter Sunday, so we anticipate family gatherings will replace the SAR.  No worries–there’s fine weather ahead (if you believe the forecast) so, enjoy a great week for riding!


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  1. Cheryl Koop permalink

    Good times riding bike yesterday! I may be all smiles in these photo’s but today as I was biking from daycare with Kate I lost a little skin! Carrying my coffee, Kate’s lunch bag and some daycare crafts, I was not concentrating and my pedals kicked me off sending me flying over my bike and slamming into the sidewalk. I didn’t want to look back but did a slight head turn and saw a couple of cars witnesses my wipe out! I think I need a bit more practice before trying to juggle all my kid’s stuff while riding the fixie!

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Cheryl, I was a bit worried about the force in those fixie pedals–you’ll notice that I had to keep my eyes on my feet when I got to try your bike. Sorry to hear about your tumble, but I’ll bet you just jumped back on your bike and used those daycare crafts to stop the bleeding–you’re such a trooper! Glad you can laugh about it.


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