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SAR Report: retrospective

by on April 15, 2012

It is often difficult to get to HQ.  Not hard to find the place–no, I mean it is often difficult to find the time to get out and participate. Take today, for example.

Orthodox Easter…and quite a few people still had family gatherings to attend. Didn’t even cross my mind till Cheryl called to say her driveway is always available as our meeting place, but she would not be there–she had to attend a gathering.

Tough choice–fight the gusty wind and falling temperatures or sit around the dining room table while your in-laws stuff you with pork and pickle you in wine. Mmmm!

Fortunately, Cindy got high on ham last weekend, so she was available to ride today. The two of us headed to the Miller track for a few warm-up laps, and then rode around town following a route that went North as little as possible. I was going to post a slide show of my best Cindy photos, but that’s kinda what I do every week. So–to remind us of the rides we’ve had in the past seven months–scroll down for an Athena Bike Club retrospective.

We really are interested in moving our club ride to a different day & time–probably a weekday evening. If you’ve got thoughts on this, or want to make a suggestion, please leave a comment. Stay tuned–we’ll see where the ride takes us.

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  1. Cheryl Koop permalink

    Tuesday or Wednesday at 9:00pm could work for me. Or a 7:00 start on either one of those days. (my preference would be to start later but others may not like that) Monday I will be playing ultimate in Winnipeg so that won’t work. Johnny is planning to start riding earlier/ longer in the summer so the early Thursday start might not be the best in my schedule. We need more evenings in our week!!!

  2. Ah, but what about when the Abes move to their 8:00 PM summer schedule?

  3. Julia Thiessen permalink

    What are you thinking for suitable days for a weekday ride?

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Excellent question Julia–goes right to the heart of the matter. Folks are sooooo busy–many nights are already spoken for–as you know. So I propose that we turn Thursday night into “Bike Night in Altona.” Ladies ride 7p.m.-8:30ish and the ABES continue to own the 9p.m. slot This idea has NOT been field tested with anyone, and I know there may be significant parenting challenges with this proposal. The upside is we still get a time slot with access to the clubhouse and Sunday afternoon would be open for a new kids club. Just some musings–thought I’d throw that out there and hope others chime in so we can continue the conversation–thanks for asking!

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