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WWR Report: full house

by on May 9, 2012

These are the lucky ladies who made it to our Women’s Weekly Ride.  Conditions were nearly perfect–check this out–I actually saved weather info from our Tuesday night ride:

8 ° C Feels Like: 8 ° C Wind: 0 NE Humidity: 79 %

Wind 0  … ’nuff said.

Okay–I’ll say a bit more…magical evening for a ride!

There was the usual gear leer–I continue to contemplate Cindy’s clipless pedals:

Excellent news–everyone who came out to ride also stopped in at the clubhouse for some very necessary bonding time.

Topics discussed:  renovations, thermofoil vs. wooden cabinets?  Altona’s real estate market, plant-killing wives who won’t garden, downsizing before your kids put you in a home. Folk fest with kids or without? Good days at work, kids arranging their own marriages; kindergarten booster shots, stem cell & bone marrow donations, Bruce’s MS ride, jerseys, ABES like beer, benders while pregnant, men who could pass for women, Julia’s new job, kids say the darndest things.  Adam Yauch, R.I.P.


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