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WWR Report: +1

by on May 23, 2012

Here’s the update on last night’s ride–from Cheryl:

“Well I just got back from doing a one lapper before I get to work! I have no photo’s but you will be pleased to know there were 6 of us!!! Sandra C, Cindy, Joanne, Lisa, Connie HM and me! So nice to see that kind of turnout on a night like this.”

Indeed.  Women of Altona have heard the call–the WWR is on, and you can expect us to be riding Tuesday nights at 8 p.m.   It’s not too late to join us–we are always happy to see a new face at HQ–get your bike and come out and ride!

The +1 concept comes from British cyclists who are trying to make the most of their Olympic year. The idea is for bike enthusiasts to bring a friend to every event this summer in hopes of spreading the love of cycling. The logo above comes from — just one of many British bike establishments getting on board with the Summer of Cycling.

We do plan to ride again next week (May 29th) … invite someone to be your +1!


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