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WWR Report: pumped!

by on May 30, 2012

Friends–look closely at this blurred image, for this is a picture of success. The sweet red bike belongs to the most courageous woman in Altona–let’s call her Braveheart.

After last week’s appeal for all of us to encourage one other female to come riding with us, Cheryl got a hit on her Facebook page–Braveheart wanted to check out the Women’s Weekly Ride.  You regulars know how hard it is to stay awake until 8 p.m., but for someone new to town to step out and spend an evening with a group of strangers? Phenomenal.

Cheryl must have said all the right things because Braveheart showed up at HQ, early–to soak up the fab hospitality, access to tools and compressed air. Actually, there was a carnival-like atmosphere on the driveway last night as we got organized for the ride.  Seven women, two goddesses-in-training and a couple of ABES–what must the neighbours think?  I know–they too wish they could join the ride.

We set out together to conquer Altona and fairly quickly we became two groups–another success story–our first night with enough riders to separate into the quick, and the not-so-quick. So–if you just enjoy cycling for pleasure and a bit of exercise–come out and ride with me.  If you just want to go fast–come out and ride with Cheryl!

More success–both groups of riders met on the parking lot at the Farm Service to look at the first draft of our new Athena Bike Club logo.  Needs a bit of tweaking, but we’re getting closer to new jerseys–you’re gonna want to set aside some cash so you can get one.

Yes–a few of us made it to the club house. Topics discussed: Dandelions–and a rant against reckless spraying of pesticides; various body shapes for cyclists, growing Ontario grapes in Southern MB, meeting your mate, having your mom plan your wedding, CrossFit, and assisted suicide.  Scroll down for the slide show.

Shout-out to the CycleChick: Cheryl alerted me to another great post by Andrea–she gets a well-deserved 15 seconds of fame.

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