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WWR Report: 8

by on June 6, 2012

Here we are again, on the driveway at HQ with all the usual suspects and the newbie. I’m just about to say something about there only being seven of us…then Julia arrives.

Now we are eight. I don’t want to dwell on numbers but a group of eight women cycling side-by-side on the streets of Altona does turn heads. I’m getting ahead of myself–we haven’t even left HQ yet….


Joanne showed us her air-filled bike seat, and then we wasted a few minutes comparing saddles.

   (we don’t care what you ride–as long as you ride).  We took off for a quick spin around town before Cheryl had to leave us for work.

Seemed like the whole town was out enjoying the warm summer evening. There are a lot of women on bikes in Altona–don’t they know they’re welcome to join our movement?

The 8 p.m. start gives us a good, long ride time on Tuesday nights, and more opportunity to use the WWR as a real work-out. I got my heart-rate going when I tried to catch-up to the fast riders…very painful for me to be going flat-out at 29km/hr, straining to catch-up with chicks who are effortlessly cycling along, far ahead of me and chatting all the while!

Fortunately, other club members surrounded me with sympathy and we found our own pace for a couple of laps. We had another club meeting about our logo–looks like we are going back to the drawing board. If you want to have a say in what the Athena jersey will look like–let me be clear about this–those who ride will decide…get off your couch and join the conversation.

Julia offered to host the clubhouse portion of the evening, so we abandoned ice cream in favour of the incredible ambiance at the Tree-top lounge. The wait staff is surly,

but attentive–four stars.

Sorry y’all–I forgot to keep track of topics discussed. Let’s try this again–next week.



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