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Salute to Shaun

by on June 27, 2012

See Shaun. See Shaun smile. Kinda.

Shaun’s heading to Banff this weekend with about 9 other guys–that’s right–the Bucket List Bike Tour of Banff is finally here!  Seconds before this picture was taken I said, “snuggle up to Shaun and give him a decent send-off.”  Hilarity ensued.

Let’s back-up a bit. Here we are, on the driveway at HQ–waiting to start the WWR.

Nope–sorry–that’s clearly some flora from Cheryl’s yard. I’m getting bored with the driveway photos–you can picture the scene from memory: most of us already there, standing around waiting…then Julia arrives!

  Jules, not unlike Detective Columbo, shows up rumpled, fresh from a nap and in need of air for her tires.

Of course, the important thing is that Julia shows up.

Eight riders left HQ for this week’s outing, and the increasing number of riders is encouraging. Word is that Delilah’s back in town–looking forward to the return of the 29er. We also heard that Stephanie would join us, but it was just a rumour.

We headed north and soon found ourselves near the grass track. This little oval on the prairie is fun to ride! Less fun on skinny tires, but we did a couple of laps and we may have some club members ready for the grass race event (July 21st at the Gretna Hot Spot Festival).

Then I noticed Cindy was wearing her Back Alley Cycle jersey and I said unflattering things to her face that will not be repeated here (wouldn’t give that jersey ho the satisfaction).

Cheryl was not winning any Brownie points in her head-to-toe ABES ensemble, but at least she’s consistent. Cindy would probably wear a Shaun’s Pottery jersey–if there was such a thing.

Oh yeah–Shaun. He caught up with a few of us just west of the park, and we cycled together all friendly-like for several kms. Then, just as we were crossing busy Hwy 30, Juanita had a serious tire issue. Fortunately, the problem was no match for Shaun’s chivalry and mechanical aptitude. In mere minutes, Shaun saved the day with only the briefest lecture on the importance of bike maintenance and common derailleur deficiencies.

We headed to the clubhouse, but Shaun wisely refused to join us. Such an excellent guy–why isn’t he married?

So we salute Shaun–and in so doing we tip our helmets to all the men of ABES.

Topics discussed It was a large group–multiple conversations happening simultaneously–no way could I keep track of it all–cool.  Here’s a snippet:

House Hunters International, the high cost of living in the Cayman Islands, cyclocross: shameful & stupid or challenging & fun? St. Malo triathlon.

Other business:  Here’s the link to the best logo we’ve seen thus far – Cyclofemme
Thanks to Sandra C. for finding that image. There is still hope for us getting our own logo this summer–please post a link to an image you find interesting, or bring it to next week’s ride.


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  1. Johnny Sawatsky permalink

    Would there be shorts to match that jersey?

  2. Shaun permalink

    ^ A Shauns Pottery jersey is basically an old shirt that’s saturated with dust, caked with clay and smeared with clay-water. I’ll admit to feeling a little bit of shame while riding or attending the weekly noon trip meetings with the pottery jersey. Available on request.

    @ Sandra – I think the term you’re looking for is ‘Hero’. Hero. Though I think the term is bandied around so much its lost its meaning. Best to go with nuisance instead.

    Really though, thanks for letting me ride with you guys. You’ve got a great gang and a great club. Nice work.

    @ Juanita – in the interest of not boring everyone with the details of bike repair, I gave you only a half truth about fixing that chain lock. A new longer chain would solve the problem, but might cause a new set of problems. That is a chain and cassette (rear gears) wear in tandem. You change one and there is the possibility that they won’t mesh properly together and they’ll be kind of noisy. So if you do decide to change the chain, keep in mind that you might need to change the cassette if it doesn’t immediately work as expected.

  3. Cindy permalink

    I would wear a Shaun’s pottery jersey with no shame.

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