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Mucho Grassy Us

by on July 21, 2012

A great time in Gretna today as race director Bruce whipped a bunch of ABES into shape on the grass track. Of course, it was an equal opportunity event so three Athena club members also took to the oval to represent our ridership. Well-organized time trial, last man out, team pursuit, snowball–so many ways to feel pain.

Truth is, I don’t have what it takes to do a time trial (3 laps Bruce–really?) but for reasons I cannot explain, I just had to try to get around the 200 m track three times to see what I’m made of.  Lisa and Cheryl are made of sterner stuff than I, they raced in the time trial and were hungry for more. Me and my milk chocolate centre were just about to change into my jeans when my team mates told me off and made me “man up” and stick around. I was pretty sure I would suffer through the rest of the races, but it turned out incredibly well.

Thanks Bruce for all your hard work–wonderful, family-friendly event–and thanks to Julia for taking these photos!

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Athena club members are catching the racing fever: there’s talk of putting a team together to ride the Team Time Trial at Bird’s Hill Park this Wednesday, July 25th. Find out if you’re eligible–check out the race bible and leave a comment on the blog if you’re interested in riding in this event.


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  1. cindy permalink

    okay. I’ll get my citizen. This statement makes my stomach turn.

  2. Cheryl Koop permalink

    Lisa- there is an open event for the aug 5th race and you shouldn’t need a license.

  3. Cheryl Koop permalink

    Crap! You need a license!? Charlene is looking into it and should know. Let me know if you would still be interested in riding with us. If you need a license do you still want too?

  4. I’m still up for it. Do you know if we need this license to participate in the August 5 race in Altona?

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Lisa, I just found the link to the time trial that is coming to the Altona area on Aug. 5th — from what I read, you do NOT need a license to participate in the open event, but read it for yourself: 2012 Manitoba Individual Time Trial Championships
      When in doubt, call the MCA office: 204.925.5686


  5. cindy permalink

    as for the time trial in Bird’s Hill…you need an MCA license to ride. It’s $40 for the citizen. Are we still interested?

  6. cheryl koop permalink

    Yesterday was lot’s of fun! Great event!

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