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Longer rides

by on August 20, 2012

Here is Julia. She is experiencing the joy of cycling. At the moment this picture was taken she was:

a. Getting ready for cyclocross season

b. Learning that bikes do break down at the most inconvenient moment

Here’s the story in her own words:

“Myron and I biking in Winnipeg.  Involved me carrying his Jamis on my back from Jubilee down Pembina (case of flat tires and patches not holding).  FYI–Do not patch–use new tube.”

Julia’s story is very timely. Yesterday, whilst riding to Gretna, my live-in mechanic suffered a flat tire before we even got out of Altona. He had used a new tube and everything. I mention it because this week for the WWR, I suggest we cycle to a destination. Longer rides mean being prepared for flat tires and other setbacks on the road.

Gear up. If you’re riding this Tuesday night, be prepared to take care of yourself–Julia can’t carry us all.

If you are keen for cyclocross season, head to the ABES blog for info about tomorrow night’s  St. Nob Short Track event. Leave a comment if you’re interested in driving to the city to check that out.






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