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Women’s Weekly Ride

by on August 21, 2012

Cheryl wants to ride at the motocross park tonight. She thinks this would be a good way to practice for the upcoming cyclocross season. We have to take Cheryl’s requests seriously because she is a goddess.

Unfortunately, Cheryl doesn’t update the blog, I do. I want to ride to Gretna tonight.

So–looks like there’ll be a choice of activities for tonight’s WWR: meet at HQ at 8 p.m. and vote with your tires (skinny tires will ride on Hwy 30 to Gretna, fat tires will ride motocross).

Leave a comment and let us know which option appeals to you. If you find this t-shirt appealing, get it here.


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  1. Athena Bike Club permalink

    Cool to see all the comments–thanks for speaking up! Looks like we may split up tonight–see you at HQ.

  2. Cindy permalink

    We are between Brandon and Portage now at 5pm. I’ll see if I can make it to the track.

  3. I guess I’ll slap my cross tires back on. Practice makes perfect!

  4. Sandra Carr permalink

    I’m up for some laps at the motocross park. I haven’t had my cross tires on for a while so it’s probably time we get reaquainted. See you tonight!

  5. Julia permalink

    I have not had much time to seriously ride the new Surly that I would be looking for a bit of a longer ride. I would up for a Gretna ride using my cyclocross tires. I’d like to test out my comfort with a bit of a distance ride.
    Speaking about Blog updates–what would be the best way for notifications that rides are happening on weekends(or even during the rest of the week)?

  6. cheryl koop permalink

    I guess you know what my vote would be. FYI- As I was driving home from the city yesterday night at 9:00 the sun was pretty much gone. You may want to consider the trail and lights.

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