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WWR Report: we’ve got options

by on August 22, 2012

Here we are–kickin’ it at the Gretna Food & Video store (Gretna F’n Video to the locals). I got that bit of colour commentary from Tara–she and her co-worker Alexis joined us last night for their first WWR. Welcome!

While the five of us dodged death on Hwy 30, Athena Racing Division riders were practicing their cyclocross dismounts and other technical tricks a bit closer to Altona. A glorious night–a choice of riding options–everyone got back to town safely, and we had TEN riders at the WWR…unprecedented!

Speaking of safety, you’ll notice that Alexis is wearing the latest trend–the safety shrug. Too cute to be a vest, but still provides high visibility at the back of the peloton. Alexis/Prudence called out to us regularly about fast-moving vehicles approaching from the rear.  “Car.” … “Two cars.”

If we had gotten into trouble, Prudence could probably have used the gi-normous blinky light on her Jamis to send a distress signal to a border patrol drone.

Julia looks radiant because she just put more mileage on her new bike–the legendary Surly Cross Check. I want one. I am jealous.

Braveheart is facing away from the camera, trying not to keel over after achieving speeds of over 22km/h on her little grocery-getter. If she ever gets an equipment upgrade–watch out!

Racing Division beat us to the clubhouse–no comment. Cool to see that Cindy made it back from her vacation in time to ride her beautiful new Norco to ‘cross practice. (Three new bikes in the past week–are we becoming snobs?  Bring your bike to the next WWR and we’ll discuss it as we ride).

Topics discussed: local cats survive rat poisoning; encounters with critters large and small; Moose Lake ride 2012; the joys of cyclocross; flat tire stories/C02 cartridges/tubeless tires…lots of conversation with 9 women in the clubhouse!

Looks like a few of us are committed to riding in the Head for the Hills event; it is a fundraiser, so be prepared to ask your friends & family to donate to this worthwhile cause. Cheryl & Cindy will be riding the trail, “physically challenging climbs and descents” … I will take the alternate road route option “along rolling country roads.” Get registered and let’s make this our 1 year anniversary ride!

Club members are asking for greater access to the blog–Yes! Password and access rights are coming soon. One reason for more access is to plan additional rides during the week (and maybe someone will take better pictures during the WWR). This Saturday (Aug. 25th) there’s talk of cycling to Plum Coulee for breakfast. If it’s not raining–I want to hit the road at 8 a.m.  Leave a comment if you’re up for it.

Cheryl’s got a weekend of Ultimate ahead of her–enjoy!  Lisa will be in Pinawa this weekend for all the family-friendly triathlon action–Go Team Gagné!


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  1. Elexis permalink

    I’ll be there!! :)

  2. Have fun ladies! I’ll be thinking of you!

  3. cindy permalink

    I’ll try and pull myself out of bed by then and arrange some childcare. I have to start getting up earlier soon anyway. Should be fun!

  4. Julia permalink

    I am up for it! See you then

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