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Breakfast Ride Report

by on August 25, 2012

Seven riders left our house at 8:07 on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, Joanne showed up at about 8:10.

I was doing my best impression of Elexis the Safety Elephant–wearing my reflective vest at the back of the line–when a broken, desperate cry reached my ears. A few of us stopped and cheered as Joanne sprinted toward us. Myron captured the moment with his trusty iPhone.

Joanne quickly got down to the business of bucking the wind, and she was soon drafting Myron while I struggled to keep up. We were about 3km into a 25km ride and I was ready to turn around and go home. Joanne expressed dismay. Myron lied to me and encouraged me to continue, and I limped along behind him while Joanne tried to keep between me and the gusty South wind.

I’m used to Joanne’s toughness, but now I was getting a firsthand look at Myron’s strength and conditioning–no doubt a by-product of  his recent “Tour de Ninette.”

The remaining five riders (Cindy, James, Tom, Elexis & Julia) were waiting for us at the turn-off to the 306. I was pleasantly surprised to see everyone in one spot–great camaraderie & support as we mostly stayed together for the next 15K. Julia bossed me into line, and it was Tom’s turn to take the brunt of the wind for me.

“Do you feel cheap, and used?” I yelled to Tom

“Yes,” he replied

“Then don’t ever get married,” I advised.

Joanne stepped up and led us for a while. Cindy stopped working so hard and got in some conversation time at the back of the pack. I tried not to feel ashamed, but it’s quite humbling to be carried by the hard work and goodwill of others.

Finally, we reached Plum Coulee and headed straight for the bar. A bit of ABES vs. Athena broke out–the guys were leery of getting breakfast at the Bistro on the main drag. There was whining about “overpriced fruit cups” and fear of a “girly” breakfast. So we caved and went inside the “man-friendly,” Happy Wanderer.

Great wait staff quickly rearranged tables for us. We were so rowdy that Myron suggested we were probably too loud for the Bistro (Cindy was a bit high-spirited). Lots of Farmer sausage, hash browns, eggs and toast was consumed and then we rode to the Bistro to get some hard facts about their menu. Bottom line: not girly at all.

We headed back to the 306 for the ride home and everyone found their own pace. Cindy & Joanne led the pack, riding like the knives that they are. I was impressed (and annoyed) to see that Julia and her new Surly were always well ahead of me.

Myron (Ranger Dyck) came back from far up the road to check on the stragglers and get us to the 201.  Once we were all at the turn-off, Tom assured us that we were about to feel the joy of riding with wind, and he did not lie.  Great to spin home in the sunshine–thanks everyone!

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  1. Julia permalink

    I also experienced the good will of others and were able to draft behind them! Great team ride! Where are we going next week Sandra?

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Thanks for the question Jules–I was thinking we would all sleep in next Saturday and then spend part of the afternoon at Colert Beach/Minnewasta prepping for “Head for the Hills” … just a thought…it is the Labour Day Weekend so we’ll see if this idea has any traction.

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