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WWR Report: what a hoot!

by on August 29, 2012

Perhaps you wonder what goes on at our clubhouse after the Weekly Women’s Ride:
a. Drinking   b. Scrapbooking   c. Ritual sacrifice

The answer is D–all of the above.

I didn’t make it to HQ for the start of the ride, but I showed up at the clubhouse and got the scoop.  I heard that another first-timer joined the veterans for her first spin around town. She was welcomed and supported by the most caring members of our club, while more self-centred riders sprinted away to practice their hill-climbing technique in the park.

Blessed are the merciful, because their derailleurs didn’t crap-out on them whilst hill-climbing. Yes, X.E.N.A. had to carry her ‘cross bike all the way home–downer. But a little less focus on cyclocross and a little more love for the group and she may have avoided both the long walk and that care-frontation at the clubhouse. Awkward.

Tara lightened the mood by tripping on the patio without spilling a drop of her water. Next, Cindy impressed us with her ability to acquire medicinal leaves from the table of wise men seated next to us.

After clearing the air, we got down to the business of working on our logo. Many fine suggestions were made, including some bold colour combinations. We talked about Athena’s mascot, the owl, and Lisa was inspired to provide us with a slogan:
“we’re a hoot!”  Lisa rode home alone.

Topics discussed: Tara’s goalie past, Team Gagné’s great performances at the Pinawa Kids of Steel & sprint triathlon, Cindy taught a youthful Julia how to swim, CAA’s bike assist program, and how to join Team Athena for the Eden Mental Health fundraiser.

Enjoy the long weekend, and post something about your cycling adventures–or just leave a comment if you want to go for a ride.


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  1. Julia permalink

    Whoops, Didn’t see Lisa’s comment. I would like to do a longer ride sometime this weekend!

  2. Is anyone up for a ride Saturday morning????

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Hey Lisa…no doubt you’re planning a quick 50kms tomorrow morning–sorry, but I’m planning to sleep in. Environment Canada forecast says: Wind becoming southeast 40 km/h gusting to 60 in the morning. Yikes!!! Call me if you need more encouragement.


  3. Ang permalink

    I’m no bike rider but do I ever love reading your blog! Great work ladies! ;-)

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Hey Ang–if you have been reading theblog, it should be clear that I’m not much of a rider either ;o) Thanks for the feedback! sd ________________________________

  4. cindy permalink

    Thanks for all the compliments Sandra. I am signed up on team Athena!

  5. cheryl koop permalink

    I just signed up for the Eden ride. Should be a good one. It did get interesting at the clubhouse later on. I think I’ll stick to beer thought.

  6. Sandra I didn’t get a password!

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      I’m not sure you should get a password! :) No–you should get one–I probably messed up the invite to additional authors–I’ll try again.


  7. For those who bailed early you missed getting a free Dr. Pepper shot!

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