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CMU Cyclocross Clinic

by on September 5, 2012


Top 10 things I learnt last night at the Cyclocross Clinic

10.  On my own I can switch from slicks to cyclocross tires in under 30 minutes.

9.  I should change out of my work clothes before  changing tires because I attract grease!

8. When cornering there are 3 different ways to position your hands on the handle bars.  I like placing mine on the hoods.

7. Go into the corners wide leave hugging the pylon tight.  I don’t give a HOOT if I knock the pylon down!

6. Dismounting is easier than remounting!

5. I like to dance (with my bike) when I remount.  Unfortunately there is no dancing allowed in Cyclocross

4. When tackling deep loose gravel being clipped in gives you the power to move through it like a hot knive through butter.

3. I need to ride up to an obstacle (like a hill) first, chicken out, and then try again.  I’m thinking I will need to ride the courses prior to the race or I could just hang out in a chicken KOOP

2. Falling because you can’t unclip fast enough hurts way less on grass than on pavement.

1. Having a group to ride and learn with is both motivating and entertaining!  The Athena’s have stamped their presence in the cyclocross scene (and Head for the Hills).

Thanks ladies for another funfilled night! 



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  1. cheryl koop permalink

    I think we should be ok for rides but if we are not I could always take our car. Meet at HQ @ 7:30 and we will fit everyone in!

  2. Cindy permalink

    I will take our van. It has room for me and 3 others and bikes. I will meet at HQ at 7:30am.
    I can hardly wait!!!

  3. Julia permalink

    I am hoping to catch a ride with someone on the way down to Morden!

  4. Okay – I think I’ve been following these posts correctly….

    First of all – way to go to our awesome fundraisers… you rock!

    I will meet at HQ in the am…. Hopefully there will be room for me and my bike but if not I have a back up plan that will ensure my arrival in Morden.

    See you tattoo wearing ladies in the am


  5. Virginia permalink

    I could drive to head for the hills if need be. I think my bike rack can hold 3 or 4 bikes. I would like to go with others because I am somehow unable to find out any more information than how to fundraise for Saturday.

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      I see that Team Athena now includes Tara & Virginia–absolutely excellent! Very impressive the way everyone has stepped up.

      I’m thinking we should meet at HQ (yes–that means Cheryl’s driveway) at about 7:30 a.m. Registration is from
      8 a.m. till noon but I’m told riding starts at 9 a.m. There’s still time to join Team Athena (c’mon, you KNOW you want to ride with us!).

      If you want to travel with Virginia–speak up!

      Get Driving Directions

  6. jldt78 permalink

    Hmm. I don’t believe I am clever enough to sort out the nicknames.

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Hmmm. Jules–because you are an incredible fundraiser and have pushed our club past the team goal–just for you, I will unlock a nickname: Braveheart=Virginia.

      Hey–I just noticed that Joanne will also be riding for our Eden Mental Health Fundraising Team (Athena Bike Club–Altona)–welcome Joanne! I think there’s still time for another club member or two to join us–preferably riders with bike racks & mini-vans ;)


  7. cheryl koop permalink

    I’m also looking for a ride to Morden on Saturday. Anyone have room for me and my stuff?

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Great post Lisa–thanks for the info! Prudence and I waited for Racing Division to meet us at the clubhouse last night, but we left when the bartender asked if we’re the ones who like Dr. Pepper shooters…!

      Wow–I think team Athena is up to 5 riders (that I know of) and we might make it to six by Friday! Braveheart is taking her car and has a bike rack, perhaps we can entice her to make her first comment on the blog and let us know if she has room for a couple of friends. James and I will probably take the truck–might be room for another bike or two. Let’s keep in touch!


    • Virginia permalink

      Cheryl you can come with me. I’ll be at your place bright an early tomorrow morning.

  8. Sounds like fun –sorry I missed it. ;-( next time I suppose

    Re: Head for the Hills — anyone have room for a rider (me) on the way there. Al is working in the am and will be able to pick me up (and my bike) following the ride.

    see you crazy riders later

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