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War Stories

by on September 9, 2012

Julia–this is your leg. (I start with a picture of Julia because she has self-identified as “not clever” but I suspect this is untrue).

So–there’s blood, and a fabulous CycloFemme tattoo. Clearly, there’s a story here–a tale of courage and determination. Julia owns this story because she dared to try new things. At the Head for the Hills (HFTH) event, she rode her new bike which was recently equipped with her new clipless pedals. She looked strong from the beginning–at the front of the road riders–confidently leading as Tara, Braveheart and I followed.

After the first rest stop, we crested a hill and saw Julia at the bottom–in a heap. She was actually just picking herself up after a fall–one false move trying to get past a rut and she was thrown off the bike. Of course we stopped–and found out she had banged her head and hurt her shoulder too–but she was okay. She put her chain back on, wiped off the grease in the tall grass, and kept going.

  Now meet Ruth. She rides for Team Bunge and it was great to see her at the HFTH event, because less than a week ago, she had a nasty spill. You can see the remains of her black eye, but you can’t see the goose egg on her head or the bruised ribs. Still–she’s smiling and ready ride–another woman with a war story.

Lots of first-time riders at this event–Braveheart & myself included. We all fought the fierce wind, and I learned that on windy days it definitely pays to be a Clydesdale. We also learned that Tara loves to go fast on the downhills, and it was great to see Braveheart getting a feel for the gravel roads on a Rocky Mountain bike borrowed from our go-to-guy, Pastor Dan.

Now–check out these riders:

Here’s Joanne–she had a choice, and she chose to ride the trail with Cindy & Cheryl. That’s right–we had seven club members up early on a Saturday morning to ride and raise funds for Eden Mental Health.

Now, I know Joanne enjoys mountain-biking, but she looks kinda spent. What’s the story?

Her body language says: “Finish line–finally!  If I had to climb another hill….”

Here’s Joanne sharing a post-ride moment with Cheryl…looks to me like Cindy is suggesting they could have gone harder.



I imagine Joanne is saying: “I am NOT riding with Cindy next year–she is relentless!”







Happy 10th anniversary to Head for the Hills! Thanks to all the great folks who worked so hard to put on this event, and thanks to family, friends and sponsors who helped our team raise $1600!

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  1. I’m so jealous of you all so I have nothing else to say except that I will save myself from further jealousy by not viewing the collection of pictures posted

  2. cheryl koop permalink

    Good times indeed! For more good times meet at the Altona park at 6:30 and practice some cyclocross skills or just practice your bike skills. I’m thinking it would be sweet if lot’s of Athena members were there!

    • Athena Bike Club permalink

      Hey Cheryl, I’m glad you left this comment–I’m totally forgetting that not everyone knows to check the ABES blog for late breaking news. I’ll have to find time this week to tweak the Athena blog so the links are front & centre. Whaddya think–more Cross practice on Tuesday night?

  3. Cindy permalink

    Thanks for the good times! Let’s do it again next year!

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