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WWR Report: peer pressure

by on September 12, 2012

On the driveway at HQ this week: some club members who participated in the “Head for the Hills” fundraiser showed up for the WWR in their spiffy, souvenir shirts.

Later in the evening we found ourselves a hill with a challenging little cement cap on top: a big curb is what it looked like. Everyone could ride down the hill, but the little bunny hop necessary to get to the top was daunting. We rode up to the barrier, clipped-out and stopped.

Then Cindy took a run at it–and cleared the curb. Man–she was so smooth, she made it look easy. Then Cheryl got over the barrier–woohoo!  Next, Sandra C. rode up–and over!  It was exciting–a new skill to add to the CX repetoire–just in time for Dark Cross!

I wanted to hop over like the others, but the last time I tried such a move, I was lucky to walk away with all my teeth intact. So I did what I always do–I focused attention elsewhere, and I encouraged Joanne to try the hop.  “You suck,” I told her.

Joanne groaned, but Cheryl & Cindy were rejoicing at the top of the hill and the air was alive with achievement. Sandra C. was expressing displeasure with my motivational technique when suddenly, Joanne raced up the hill and hopped the curb. It was as if she moved in slow motion: up–on–over. Awesome.

A great way to celebrate our 1st year of  existence–motivating each other to do better. Of course, cupcakes would’ve been nice too, but there were none.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Topics discussed: Southern Cross–ABES are looking for volunteers; DarkCross–Race Day Schedule;  and, local Cross labs start this Thursday night, Sept.13 in Altona Park–go to the ABES blog for more info on Bike School.




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  1. cheryl koop permalink

    Good times! See you thursday @ 6:30!

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