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Beach Cross Report

by on October 7, 2012

Beach Cross was a ton of fun despite my initial thoughts going into the race. Staying home in my cosy warm house drinking hot coffee seemed like a better option. My kids on the other hand were super pumped to play in the snow with all their friends, eat a shit load of candy and brag about biking in the snow. Why can’t I be like my kids and change that nervousness into excitement? You can learn a lot from your kids!

Once the race starts, the nerves do disappear and the pain and hurt seem to take over. Saturday turned out to be a super sweet day and I would not have change one thing about it. Riding in the snow was pretty cool, the beach was hard packed so I was able to ride it and then the wall of pain..that was awesome! The heckling was great and all the love seemed to help get me up the wall. Thanks OCC for putting on a super sweet race.

Post race festivities continued at the cycle chicks cabin who served up some kick ass chili. Thanks Andrea!

In the end I was so glad to race my bike and it made hanging out with friends, heckling and drinking my candy all that much sweeter.



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  1. By the way…I don’t know if I will make it out tonight.

  2. May the gods of punishment lash out at her if she is hoping for snow at Southern Cross!

  3. Athena Bike Club permalink

    Cheryl–you goddess! Thanks for the insider thoughts on the ride…are you hoping for snow at Southern Cross? ;o)

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