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WWR Report: nacho night

by on October 10, 2012

Cindy showed up at HQ to save me from riding the wet streets of Altona all alone. Cheryl stepped out onto the driveway to say hello, but was lured back into her house by the freshly-baked butter tarts her mommy had made.

It was cool, but we were layered-up and soon felt quite comfortable, moving slowly on our first lap. Quiet night really–the only drama was on the trail behind the MEC where someone had left three survey markers sticking up in an inconvenient location–right across the path. We gave thanks for our front lights and low speed.

Heading east toward Industrial Drive, another cyclist approached. We were deep in conversation, and I almost didn’t recognize Pastor Dan as he slowed to greet us. After a lap and a half, Cindy and I retreated to the clubhouse where we were pleased to find nachos on sale for only a loonie–bonus!  We settled in for some conversation.

Topics Discussed: Organic chickens, fun cousins, practical jokes at NORAD, pregnant for 14 years, End of the World Cross or Disney World, Franklin’s November cross event, the proper way to close a Tupperware lid and, Altona: best place to wait out the Apocalypse.

My live-in mechanic must’ve smelled the processed cheese dip for our nachos from across town, because he showed up at the clubhouse. He claimed to have been out for a quick evening ride when he saw our bikes at the bar and decided to join us. Nice.

Southern Cross: Excitement is building and we could use a few more volunteers at the registration table this Sunday.  I’ve heard from: Jenn K., Delilah, Virginia, Charlene, Elexis and Dan.  I still could use some help from noon till 2 p.m. or 2-4. Let me know if you’re available–non-cyclists are welcome, and you will get training before your shift. Drop me a line if you’re interested or need more info.


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  1. cheryl koop permalink

    Sorry to have missed you guys! Next week we will definitely have to have a better showing and debrief from the biggest event of the year! Can’t wait until Sunday!

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