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WWR Report: picture this

by on October 17, 2012

Photos are lacking this week. My camera is broken and I can’t bear the shame of blurry images anymore. I can tell you what happened last night, but you’ll have to use your imagination to provide the pictures.

Imagine, if you will, a beautiful fall evening. Light winds and warm temps meant some of us were in shorts last night–acres of exposed flesh for this late in October. Nine of us showed up at HQ: Cheryl, Tara, Sandra C., Braveheart, Lisa, Joanne, Cindy, Prudence and I gathered on the driveway to partake in the joys of the Women’s Weekly Ride. Tara showed off her spiffy new bar tape (a birthday gift!) and that hit a nerve–seems we’re in need of new tape all around. We started to mock Prudence for driving to town to join us on the ride, but she told us a harrowing tale of coyotes in her shelterbelt, and we let her off the hook.

We set our blinky lights on “stun” and left the driveway. A few of our riders wear these bright headlamps attached to their helmets, and I often mistook them for cars as we zipped around town, intimidating the locals. Southern Cross was still top of mind, and there was lots of talk about the mud and the fans and “The Sunflower Rush Hour” (the race announcer, Steve, was a big hit).  Really folks–do yourselves a favour–pick one event on the MB CycloCross tour and get involved. Race, heckle, volunteer–you’ll be glad you did.

A great night for skinny tires and those who wanted to race down the straightaways were easily able to do so. Some of us took a slower pace–getting caught up on Tara’s new status (she’s now a grandmother, but a hip granny–for sure). Prudence travelled to Minneapolis to run the Twin Cities Marathon–announcer Steve would say that she had to dig deep into the “suitcase of courage” to complete that challenge.

After two laps, we had the usual dilemma; ride or refreshments?  Very tempting to keep on riding when you know the wonderful weather won’t last, but the clubhouse was calling. We saluted a local constable as we came to a full and complete stop at the intersection in front of the bar: he did not look impressed–we clipped in and carried on. Inside the clubhouse, we were happy to find out that $1 nachos has become a regular Tuesday night feature: I see a lot of processed cheese in this club’s future.

Prudence was wearing her sweet new marathon shirt–only finishers get one–so talk turned to running. Picture this–I’m looking around the table, slowly realizing that I’m surrounded by women who have either trained for a marathon, completed a marathon or run a half-marathon…egad!  I don’t even run to to the fridge. Fortunately, Lisa threw a KitKat bar onto the table, and talk turned to the hoovering of Halloween treats–I was back in my element.

We were halfway through our first beverages, when Joanne & Cindy arrived after finishing their third lap–such keeners.

Topics discussed: proper use of Vaseline-on-a-stick, the well-defined muscles of certain SC racersdoes embrocation stimulate circulation?, kids chugging juice boxes (“drink! drink! drink!”), female clydesdales, Back Alley Bruce’s bike-mechanic heroics at SC, personal trainers who don’t quit, shot-gunning beer vs. using a funnel, zombie-walk vs. slut-walk, JRoot, Rocketfuel and other drinks in TFF’s repetoire, Skid-Row Cheryl, and Lisa’s Beach Cross poetry.

Southern Cross in the news: 221 Racers taste mud, sand & speed


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  1. Elexis permalink

    LOL, that’s a great post!! You are a truly gifted blogger!! And all y’all Town Girls can bug me about driving to town for a ride as soon as YOU actually have to out-run a coyote in the pitch black with only a blinky light to scare it off!! OK I didn’t actually do that, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had nightmares about it… ;)

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