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WWR Report: immune systems

by on October 31, 2012

It has come to my attention that my club mates are not impressed with the lack of rapid reporting on the Women’s Weekly Ride.  True, I have been entirely slack in getting these ride reports up on the blog, but in my defense I must tell you how difficult it is to get an entire evening’s worth of riding, slagging and insights into 300 words or so.  Nevertheless, I am not entirely immune to the club’s constant demands–so here goes.

Braveheart got to HQ super early this week to get help with her bike. She has put aside her usual ride, and last night she road-tested her old mountain bike on the streets of Altona. Actually, the bike may not be all that old–just suffering from years of neglect. Wrench wenches Cindy, Cheryl & Joanne were offering their mechanical expertise as Lisa, Julia & I arrived.

Here are some touching scenes from the driveway at HQ:

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Conditions were excellent–moderate winds, dry roads and warm temperatures–you pretty much have to ride on a night like that, but it still takes a lot of gumption to get to HQ. Lisa had to find matching grocery bags to insulate her feet; Joanne had to drag herself out of a warm bed, and Julia? Let’s just say that not every woman who makes it out on Tuesday night is keen to be there–at least not in the first 15 minutes.

The first lap around town was fairly uneventful. We saw a well-lit rider approaching and Lisa challenged him with a hearty “who goes there?”  Lyle squeaked out a response and raced away from us as we carried on towards Industrial Drive. I fell over at a stop sign–my second fall of the evening–trouble with sticky clipless devices. Braveheart had to retreat to HQ to put more air in her tires and Julia was kind enough to accompany her.

Unfortunately, that left me out on the streets of Altona surrounded by members of Athena Racing Division. But it was one of those nights when not everyone needs to go fast, so I was able to get caught up on the last cyclocross race of the season, and Joanne even shared the secret to her impressive  ride on the weekend. Cindy was moved to share the fact that she has been coasting on her good looks and has never really pushed herself to do better on her bike. I was just about to call Dr. Phil when we saw Lisa and Cheryl riding towards us–true confessions were over, and the paced picked-up as we headed for the clubhouse.

Once inside, it was like déja-vu all over again as we giggled about what happened last week. In case you missed it: Cheryl did some push-ups on the floor of the bar room–then she high-fived Lisa before plunging her germy hands into the nachos–while Julia went faint with the thought of communicable diseases. This week,  we learned that the weiners from Johnny’s “sausage-party” costume were cooked and consumed by the family. Talk about your robust immune systems.

Topics discussed: Waterfalls, Logos and wool jerseys, toddlers who ingest non-food items, drinking games that lead to the ingesting of non-food items, Halloween costumes, hate vs. strongly dislike, travel fears, Disney, long plane rides, and the exact location of New Zealand.


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  1. Cindy permalink

    I’ve ridden on my bike trainer twice this week. Look out.

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