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WWR: Heaven & Hell

by on November 5, 2012
Photo courtesy of Boston Biker The Hum

Environment Canada says Tuesday’s high will be +5 and winds will lighten-up in the afternoon.  Fantastic–by evening conditions should be perfect for an alley cat event.

If you checked the ABES blog (you should–the link is just over there–on the right side of the page) you’ll know that last week the ABES raced about, chasing down the answers for their Heaven & Hell alley cat. This week it’s our turn. Modifications will be made to keep the answers fresh, and to keep the weak from cheating.

So–if you’ve never participated in an alley cat before–don’t stress. It’s a race with enough twists to give everyone a fighting chance–it’s not all about speed. Really.

Last time, I finished behind Cindy, but ahead of Cheryl.  That’s right–me, my oxygen tent, and my poor sense of direction vs. X.E.N.A., and I sunk her battleship.

Please arrive at HQ at 8 p.m with:

  • lights

  • a pen

  • an open mind

  • a positive attitude


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  1. Sandra Carr permalink

    I’m unable to make it tonight… One of these days I’ll make it back to the WWR.

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