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WWR Report: unprepared

by on November 14, 2012

No photos from last night’s ride, so I am grateful for this image from Edmonton blog Girls and Bicycles. Imagine this scene at night.

This was our first WWR with snow-covered and slippery riding conditions. I felt unprepared–my rear blinky light got cold and wouldn’t do its job. My gauntlet mitts work intermittently–gotta keep wiggling my fingers to feel the heat. Lisa’s toes were toasty in her new electric boots.

I think all five of us had some degree of difficulty on the ride–either getting the clothing layers right or adjusting to the snowy conditions.

Let’s be clear–what we’re doing on Tuesday nights is risky. Riding on slippery streets will result in a fall–it’s just a matter of time. But we do try our best to ride carefully, and to be prepared for weather and road conditions. Unfortunately, all I seemed to care about last night was the fact that the winds were really light–so I dashed out of the house dressed like it was only late fall. Wrong–could’ve used snow pants on top of my long-johns and cycling tights.

Still, it was a beautiful night and we kept moving. Five riders on the streets make us more visible, and there’s definitely some safety in numbers. We drove past Lisa’s front yard to check out the snow hill they’re building, and then we returned to our usual route.

Nothing bad happened on the first lap, so I took that as a sign to go straight to the clubhouse. Cheryl, grateful for good riding on her fixie, decided to join me. Birthday girl Joanne, Sandra C. and Lisa rode another half lap before seeking shelter at the clubhouse.

Topics discussed: sleeping habits of children, Reading Recovery, the lost art of cursive writing, spelt-check, DIY concrete kitchen counters, faces of Obama on Facebook, Colorado legalizes limited pot possession, disarray of the federal Liberal Party, Farm X? future themes for alley cats, races with bike chariots and Winter bike fest?


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