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WWR Report: country roads

by on November 21, 2012

The amazing weather brought out one new rider (Bethany) and a returning rider (Connie). It is always good to have more women join us on Tuesday night, and these smart ladies picked a lovely night for a ride.

Cheryl had the idea of riding on country roads to avoid icy streets. Of course, it would be dangerously dark riding around on the mile roads, but with Cheryl’s super bright, battery-powered bike lamp and the rest of our blinkies and assorted reflective gear we thought the six of us would be safe enough.

Bethany–not a Town Girl–advised us that not all roads in the RM are bare gravel. Still, we were game to try something new, so Cheryl led us on a short loop that used well-traveled roads.

Riding in the country was an excellent decision. As we rode through the Village, Connie drew my  attention to the charm of early Christmas lights, and the wind wasn’t even a factor as we headed East. The Conquest road was bare, and it was easy to speed up–if your legs would allow.

The pack spread out, and that does lessen our overall visibility, but it was obvious that the cars and trucks knew we were out there and most drivers passed us with care. We were back in town in no time, and we slowed down near Grumpy’s to trade greetings with Tara who chose to walk, not ride.

It was tempting to head straight into the clubhouse, but it was way too early to end the ride, so we headed down Centre Avenue towards the park. Bethany & Connie left after a bit to attend to their curling & childcare responsibilities, leaving me, Cheryl, Joanne and Cindy alone on the damp streets. Almost alone.

Eagle eyes Joanne & Cindy spotted a blinky light approaching. Sure enough, an ABE emerged from the darkness–it was my own live-in mechanic, on his way home on the Bunge road. We put him to work as our photographer.

Shortly afterwards, we made it to the clubhouse which was pleasantly empty and Karaoke-free.

Topics discussed: Required reading in high school, education without deadlines, fights & maturity in marriage, Bluetooth developers and other Snuffleupagus siblings, teaching values to kids, Advent acts of kindness, Athena wool jerseys, Machu Picchu, Christmas in Kissimmee, where else does “ou” make the “aw” sound? Sa-wat-sky, Doe-L


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