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WWR Report: political

by on November 28, 2012

Photo from Flickr

By the time we finished our one lap around town last night, many of us had accumulated frost on our mufflers and balaclavas, and some had to blink away the ice crystals. It was pretty crisp at -15C, but not much wind and the moon was almost full.

Five of us put on our layers and had the usual successes and failures with our gear. I don’t get the sense that anyone even thought about staying in last night–we are definitely benefiting from routine (Tuesday night=bike club!)–works for me.

Of course, I did beg everyone to quit halfway through the lap and ride to my place for hot chocolate and liqueurs, but there were no takers.

We kept moving and headed straight for the clubhouse where the conversation was all about the Athena wool jersey and the upcoming civic by-election (WHAT?  You didn’t know there’s a vacancy on Altona Town Council? Clearly you have not been reading the Council Minutes or you would know the election date: January 16, 2013).

Topics discussed: Worst Grey Cup half-time show. Ever.
Lisa is student-teaching (Bonjour Madame Gangnam!), Cheryl is too cheap for real clothes–lives in cycling jerseys and builds a snow hill in her backyard, Joanne’s kitchen reno, Athena Xmas party? Advice to singles; if you’re going to marry–make sure your spouse can cook…or fix things! Cindy has “highlights,” Cheryl is too cheap for a haircut, ESP brings dreams to life, and an Alley Cat with French relish.

FYI: One lap around town, once a week is not going to keep you healthy during the holidays. Cheryl recommends yoga training with a former model who obviously has no idea what the word beginner means.


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