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WWR Report: bi-cicle

by on December 13, 2012

Tuesday night was ridiculously cold. Cheryl says it was the coldest night so far this year that we’ve been out on our bikes. Junior member Mia looked up the actual temperature for us while we huddled in her mom’s kitchen, waiting to start the ride. -25…more like -31 with the wind chill. Thanks Mia!

What kind of person feels the need to put on 5 layers of clothing just so they can throw a leg over a cold bike? Well–there’s me, and Julia and Cheryl, Cindy, Delilah and Bethany. Actually, Bethany has to drive into town and lift the bike out of her pick-up truck before she gets to do any riding. Just another mom with moxie from the RM of Rhineland.

So the six of us set off on the usual route around town, but within two blocks of HQ my brand-new bike light started to behave badly. Cheryl pulled over and helped me reconnect the wires, but it was the beginning of the end. My hastily installed light would fail completely before the ride was over.

Up ahead of us, the decision was made to head to Cindy’s place to pick-up a scarf for Delilah. These random acts of kindness often occur on the ride–unfortunately, Cheryl & I had no idea what was up, but we stuck to the usual route expecting to meet up with the other riders eventually. Didn’t happen.

Six riders quickly became three teams of two, riding through town at their own pace. Cheryl & I started out strong, but after a few repair attempts with my light–my hands got cold. We probably would’ve been fine had we been able to keep moving. Then again, we had nothing to prove.

We were the first to arrive at the Clubhouse, followed by Bethany & Delilah. Julia kept Cindy outdoors a bit longer–if you’re dressed right, it really is wonderful to ride on a  crisp and wintry night.

Joanne joined us at the clubhouse and gave us some excellent news: she has filed her nomination papers–she is a candidate for Altona town council!  Don’t forget to vote in the by-election on January 16th.

Topics discussed: rodents that die in your air vents, how to kill the pig you raised, where to get weanlings, Bethany’s nice new haircut, and social media wins elections.





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