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WWR Report: knockdown

by on January 9, 2013


Photo courtesy of: The Online Bicycle Museum

It was kinda like that–there was some kicking, and as always, trend-setting fashions. But there was a lot more snow.

This week on the ride we abandoned the usual route in favour of knockdown games. We rode into the arena of battle at West Park School. We’re not 100% sure of the rules, but we get the idea–try to threaten another rider enough that she’ll lose her balance and have to put her foot down to avoid falling over. Sounds cruel, but it’s actually quite fun. 

Newcomer Amy won the first round (we are far too nice to newcomers), but she was quite speedy and brave on her sweet steel Peugeot road bike–complete with road slicks!  The second round went to Delilah who outlasted Amy for the win. 

We took off in the direction of the park to check out the condition of the gravel trail behind the MEC. The wind had created some drifts, but the trail was mostly bare and definitely fun to ride. Having my 1200 lumen headlight makes me bolder in attacking the gravel in the dark: good lights=good times!

As we headed East towards Industrial Drive, Lisa gently encouraged me to enter the Ice Bike competition in February. She said,  “Sandra, if you actually finish a race, I’ll eat my husband’s new shorts,” or words to that effect.

At Centre Avenue the seven of us paused. The ride was enjoyable, but the West wind was getting gusty. Time to retreat to the clubhouse.

Topics discussed: Delilah’s European adventure & her Snuffleupagus twin brother, update on other brothers, enchanting Gretna, Christmas at the beach & Disney ornaments, Lisa has a filter but her sister does not, Friday’s advance poll at the Town Office, where is the Town Office?, briefs that enhance one’s assets, cow udders are unique, Kombucha and Amy is a female hipster.

Breaking News

Wool jerseys have arrived in Altona. These are NOT our team jerseys, but they are a lovely Merino product from Portland Cyclewear. Scroll down to see a picture of the Sellwood–two of these are available in size Medium–I do believe these are unisex sizes. I got an XL and I like the way it fits–a bit roomy.

If you would like a Sellwood in size Medium–you’ll need to pay $80 by Friday, Jan.11th (they come without any logo–just a plain white stripe across the chest).  Leave a comment and I’ll hook you up–don’t delay–act now!



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  1. Sandra… I did not say I’d eat Dan’s shorts. I said if you actually complete the race I would then strap a 20 lb bag of Russet Potatoes on my back for the next WWR and ride. I even said that after I’m done this task, I’d make the group homemade French Fries!

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