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WWR Report: good idea!

by on January 19, 2013

We're here to rideIt has been a while since we took a group photo on the driveway at HQ. Here we are–dressed for success and probably looking cold, but it was a fairly mild night…about -7 but with a strong south wind.

Seven of us set off from HQ, but Shaun slipped in among us somewhere on our journey toward Industrial Drive.  He sped off with Joanne, Sandra C., and Lisa while Julia and I waited for Cheryl who was riding with Amy–the Hipstress. There was a fair amount of snow on the ground and more falling from the sky–very pretty.  We went slowly around the corners and made our way to the park.

No sign of our club mates as we rode the paths around the baseball diamonds. One of us must get a helmet cam so we can record the sweet sound of tires crunching through pristine, freshly fallen snow. At the Buffalo Creek Nature Park Cheryl said, “let’s ride on the pond and check out the hill.”

Friends, riding on a frozen pond may not sound wise, but trust me–this was a good idea. The pond was covered with little islands of snow and we had great traction–even on the bare spots. We cruised around for a bit and then Cheryl headed
for the hill.  We watched and listened as she tried to ride downhill. IMG_0180

I was too busy shouting words of encouragement to remember that Cheryl rides a fixie. It is probably terrifying to ride downhill in deep snow on a machine that wants to propel you forward and won’t let you coast.

IMG_0183Cheryl survived–and we were all inspired by her willingness to try new things.

We left the park and faced the usual dilemma: keep riding or head straight to the clubhouse? Julia said, “let’s do another loop.”

Friends, this is the genius of riding with other women. Instead of slacking off and racing towards refreshments, we all nodded and agreed to spend more time fighting the wind. Sometimes you have to treat Bike Club like an Improv sketch–say “yes” to everything that comes your way.

So we rode a bit longer and when we reached the bar, we were happy to see that our club mates were already safely inside. Good idea.

Topics Discussed: Barn Cross 2013 and the infamous “whoop de whoops,” more dancing needed, where do our kids get their musical tastes/playlists?, people who stare, Morden is lovely, parking lot prayers,  where does Radon gas come from?, the Hipstress is into Kefir, skiing at Burwalde, road trip without kids?, kids who cry when apart from their parents.

UPDATE: our club mate Joanne lost the battle in the recent Altona by-election, but she gained our respect by putting herself forward as a candidate. Two more years and she can run for Mayor.


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