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by on January 26, 2013

bicyclewallclockSo much going on–barely have time to blog so I’m just going to make a list.

Jan.29th is the next WWR:  wool club jerseys should be available at HQ so bring a cheque or $77 cash so we can pay off Paul K. for all of his organizational efforts in getting these jerseys to Altona. You don’t get to keep the jersey–they still need to be embroidered–and you’ll have to pony up a bit more cash to get our logo.

Feb. 2nd: Cheryl says read the Cycle Chick’s blog and be part of the celebration at The Forks as Lindsay Gauld Clocks a Cool Million

Feb. 10th: Ice Bike event at The Forks. Lisa has thrown down the gauntlet but I have yet to pick it up. Stay tuned.

Feb. 12th: Athena Alley Cat!  Very exciting development–David is designing a race just for us–no ABES leftovers (although, for the record, we are very okay with their previously-enjoyed product). Not sure what the theme is, but it’ll be close to Valentine’s Day so perhaps love is in the air?

Feb. 16th: The 130km bike race/running event known as Actif Epica is back! Along with the cutest mascot ever–the ManiYeti. Check it out and remind yourself that “winter in Manitoba is a great time of year!”

*For those of you headed to Barn Cross tomorrow–enjoy carrying your bikes!


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  1. cheryl koop permalink

    Joanne, Amy and I attended barn cross and the good guys at DRR did not disappoint! Great times were had by all and the biking riding was fun too! So fun to hangout in the Cyclocross crowd once again. All of you that didn’t come – you missed out. More details tuesday night at the clubhouse.

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