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So Bike Club Was On Tuesday

by on February 1, 2013

Tuesday night’s ride had Cheryl, Joanne, Julia (and her new hair), newcomer Melissa and myself battling the winds. Winds that were not there the night before but how would the the rest of you know that, as I did not see any of you on MONDAY night! Well despite the mix up it was a blast riding with these ladies. But then again every Tuesday night is a blast when you get to ride your bike. How can it not be… the company is always good!
I won’t comment on how far we rode, except that two of us did ride a bit longer than the others. Once everyone was at the clubhouse topics of discussion included barn cross, how Anna is going to train Joanne ( I say no to this because that will mean I will have to train too), wool jerseys, detox/cleansing..who tried it or considered it (Lisa made it through one meal and has realized she loves food to much), where to live in Altona, how adding a few beers brings out the chattiness in people and meditation techniques.
For those you couldn’t make it we missed you, had a couple of beverages compliments of you so you better go settle up your tab!


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  1. Lisa–loved your post–you are a goddess! Halfway through my fury & sulking on Tuesday night I remembered that I offered to pick up your tab…good thing we’re regulars at Grumpy’s (will I need to bring a credit card next week to settle up? ;o) You are soooo right about the good company!

  2. cherylkoop permalink

    Agreed! Tuesday nights equals good times!

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